Pet Adoptions

Adopting an animal (or several) into your family is an act of love, not only toward the animals, but toward you and your family.

Pets teach unconditional love and pet care develops a sense of responsibility and pride in young people.

We urge you to look for a rescued animal from the organizations on this page, who often show their available adoptons right in our store.

Plan on adopting a cat?
If you do so through our in-store "Whis-Purr Rescue," you'll be eligible for 15% off of all store merchandise and some of the kitty's special toys to help with their transition into your family!


3nibs More animals need homes than there are homes for.
That's why we offer space in our store to local animal rescue organizations that save healthy, homeless animals from lonliness and starvation. Call us or come by to see who's waiting to meet and go home with you .
Whis-Purr Rescue
This local group has helped hundreds of cats and kittens find their loving homes.

To see their current selection of available animals, click here

Come in to the store to see our new feature: The Meow House. We've got lots of beautiful rescued cats and kittens who need good homes. It you don't see what you are looking for, please ask..
Choosing the right pet
Kitten Care
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