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"Incredible prices on pet foods, and they carry Canidae at about 1/3 off the price of other places."
Kevin S. - 5 stars

"This is a great pet store. They were extremely helpful and have quality products. I bought a bunch of toys here and they lasted forever."
Amanda S. - 5 stars

"A great alternative to pet food megamarts. They helped me carry my dog's 40lbs of kibble to the car, and it's small enough that you can actually find things. Good selection of food and treats, and I think that the toys are actually fairly priced."
Nikki S. - 5 stars

"I wash my dog here every 3-4 weeks and walk right in without an appointment. The people are very friendly and always have a treat or two for my dog. The bathing area is very nice; two tubs raised a few feet in the air so you don't have to bend over, a leash built into the wall to hold the dog in place and a hose and spray shampoo. They also provide aprons to keep you from getting wet and towels and a blowdryer for drying off the dog. They also have an enormous supply of feed and toys for all types of animals. A great place.."
Mike B. - 5 stars

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